Caren Widget – how does it work?

Get started

We have Widgets available now that you can implement in a few varieties. Send us an email to [email protected] with the following information:



A URL where the widgets will be implemented – includes a choice of Widget Function and a Widget Style.


E-mail address

Preferred email address for the Widget user (for maintenance and downtime notifications).


All payments go through the CampEasy payment gateway. The commission is paid from CampEasy after the confirmation.

Choose the perfect widget for you

Widget types

Single Page Widget takes you through the entire sales funnel without much setup. It means that all the steps happened within that iframe.

Multi Page Widget is a type of widget that spans three or four different slugs. That type of widget is an iframe for every step of the booking process, i.e. search widget on a search page, extras on an extras page, etc. Works best for analytics of the parent page.

Connection icon

Single Page Widget

orange widget icon

Multi Page Widget

Widget styles

You can also choose between styles of widgets. Remember that any custom-made widget or white labeling work will incur extra costs. It’s working for both CampEasy, and Origo, our software partner. The cost depends on the level of styling requested.

Below you can see examples of widget styles – raw and branded.