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Direct BookingS

CampEasy is the first camper rental company in Iceland to offer an “agent portal”. The purpose of that portal is to make quicker booking conversions and make media packages and pricelists more accessible to all. will make it possible for our valued partners to be able to book a camper with ease, just log in and book the camper. It’s that EASY.


  • Live availability
  • Choose your camper/toy
  • Select extras and insurance options
  • Input customer info
  • Confirm payment options

API & widgets

Do you want to use your own website to process your bookings with our live fleet connection? No problem, you can connect to our two websites using API or get one of our Caren Widgets for your website.

Caren connection

  • Connect your website directly with CampEasy
  • Get Raw or Styled Caren Widgets (see photos).
  • Learn more about Widgets
  • Learn more about API

affiliate link

Are you a blogger, influencer, or new to the business of renting campervans? Then start off with something simple and easy. We can provide you with an “Affiliate Link” to post on any of your websites/social platforms. It allows you to collect commission for every conversion that takes place from your site. No e-mails, no manual bookings, just a simple link that does the rest.


  • Post your affiliate link for easy commission earnings
  • Affiliate link is valid for 28 days after customer clicks on it
  • No e-mails, no manual bookings, just EASY.
  • Learn more about Affiliate Links

Vacation Packages

CampEasy Iceland is the first camper rental in Iceland to offer a bookable itinerary filled with popular activities all around Iceland, specifically tailored for camper trips. Packages include free insurance, a fully equipped camper 4×4, free extras, activities, campground fees and much more.

Bókun Connection

  • Get the Bókun Widgets, customize them and put on your website
  • Choose between Calendar Widget, Product Page or Booking Button
  • Our Vacation Packages include Self Drive Tours, Group Tours and Hosted Group Tours

Use our media package

We make your advertisement process easier – register and get access to our media package


On the top of this page, you will see a “Sign up” button. Just click that and fill in all the info required. A CampEasy staff member will then approve.

On the top of this page you will see a “Log in” button. Just click that and sign in your username and password.

Normally it takes up to 24 hours for CampEasy to approve new agents.

On the top right corner of the site, you can log into any of your bookings in “My.Campeasy” by using your e-mail address and your booking reference.

When you register your account at, you can fill in a box where you request an API or Widget connection. After that has been done, a CampEasy employee will reach out to you and go over the details.

Please contact [email protected] for these types of inquiries.

At the last step of the booking process you can choose between:

  • [MISSING] which means that you have already charged your customer for your commission and we charge the remaining balance on his arrival
  • [MISSING] which means that you charged your customer for the entire rental cost, and we will invoice you for the remaining balance (minus commission)